Why Do Slavic Women Want to Meet Foreigners?


25 Sep 2020

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Why Slavic women seek foreign men for relationships remains a question to many westerners, who are surprised to see so many intelligent, educated, and beautiful ladies on dating sites like Rondevo. How is it possible that ladies who look good and have strong family values struggle to find a partner in their country? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

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Difficulties of Сhoice

The first reason why women from countries of the former USSR decide to look for a partner abroad is that they are disappointed in local men and believe that foreigners would make better partners. It's not that easy for a Russian or Ukrainian woman to find a worthy partner in their home country. For example, in Russia, men are ten million fewer than women according to the statistics. Currently, there are 100 women for 97 men in Russia. The duration of life of the fair sex is about 13 years longer than that of men. Women die young rarer and almost never go to jail. As we see, the choice is limited.

Moreover, men are frequently inclined to alcohol or drug addiction, which results in poor health conditions and abusive behavior. It is a custom where men get together in groups after work and get drunk, then go home or to clubs. The woman is supposed to look after kids and make a meal for the husband coming home from work (who often comes home drunk) and if a woman complains, it may end up in verbal or physical abuse by the man.

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Those without bad habits are usually raised by excessively caring and over-protective mothers. Young men who grew up under conditions of excessive care stay, as a rule, immature even in old age. They would rather get love then give it. Not every woman is ready to be with an unloving and infantile man, who can't take at least partial responsibility for the relationship, household, and future. Although Slavic women are caring, they still need love, intimacy, and understanding as any other person. So, ladies often face difficulties when choosing a partner due to the lack of worthy gentlemen.

Another reason for female emigration from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is a high level of violence towards women and children. So, the wish of a woman to find relationships abroad, when in her home country she and her children suffered from a beating by a so-called husband, can hardly be considered strange. In other words, good men (who just doesn't drink, doesn't sleep around, doesn't abuse his wife and is able to hold a stable job and provide for the family) in Eastern European countries are rare.


The perceived prestige of having a romantic relationship with a foreigner is still high in Russia, Ukraine, and other post-USSR countries. Meeting a foreigner on Rondevo from wealthy countries has this status since immigration to these places is considered prestigious.

If a young woman doesn’t have a boyfriend, she will be questioned about finding a potential husband by her family, friends, colleagues, or even former classmates. Females without children also encounter questions about having kids. It’s believed in Slavic countries that giving birth after the age of 30 may cause physiological or physical problems for both children. It’s expected that a single girl gets married early and then quickly give birth to 2-3 children. This scenario is expected from a good young lady and if it didn’t happen, the family will be concerned.

Taking Care

Slavic girls seeking men abroad believe that foreigners treat women better than men from their home country. Western guys are happy to give their ladies a compliment or make a present. Men from Russia, Ukraine, or other Eastern Europe usually show such attention only at the beginning of a relationship.

Unkempt Men

Foreigners are used to looking after themselves. But in Eastern Europe, the word “metrosexual” is considered insulting. Russian and Ukrainian men don’t pay enough attention to hygiene and rarely have a sense of style. At the same time, men want to have beauties by their side. Have a look at those beautiful ladies on Rondevo, can you imagine such unkempt men with them? On the contrary, foreigners often look well-maintained and stylish.

Higher Standard of Living

The average man from the Western world earns several times more than guys from Ukraine or Russia and can afford a better normal life. A big house, cars, regular trips abroad for holidays, and dinners in restaurants - in Eastern European countries this is considered to be the level of rich people, and in western realities, it is a very average income.

In addition, it is safer to live abroad and easier to progress up the career ladder. Women can earn a high salary by themselves even in the most common female profession, such as a teacher, psychologist, or nurse.

As we see, some Russian and Ukrainian women have a hard time living in their country due to difficulties in economic and social spheres. They are tired of many negative moments of their life. But going to Rondevo with a wish to find a significant other in a foreigner, they look not for an easy life but a serious relationship. As a rule, they are ready to build it in the man's home country. But at this point real feelings are very important for a lady from Russia or Ukraine. They want to be loved and need care and affection. That's the way the soul of a Slavic woman is.

Visit ladies’ profiles on Rondevo to make sure that so many girls have advanced degrees and professional jobs like lawyers, economists, accountants, doctors or engineers - they are not poor Slavic girls looking to get out of poverty. They are modern educated women who want to have a family life in love.

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