Why Are Slavic Females So Stunning?


23 Sep 2020

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Why Are Slavic Females So Stunning?

It is no secret that Slavic women are considered astonishingly beautiful, and also it is one of those stereotypes that are real. Take a walk down any street in Eastern Europe, and you are likely to meet much more attractive girls than you would meet in any other country. It seems like each of them takes pride in looking as perfect as possible for a woman, regardless of the day of the week, holiday, and climate conditions. Or else, visit Rondevo to see for yourself that ladies there are really beautiful. Let’s find out why Slavic ladies are so stunning.

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Natural Beauty

Diverse genetics is probably the main culprit here - as Slavs were located in the center of Europe for more than a thousand years, they were mix-and-matching with all the other groups through migrations and conquests. Thus, Slavs have one of the widest gene pools, coming from almost every corner of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. And having so many different ancestors equals a huge variety of features in both men and women that are appealing to many other nations. Because of this fact, you can see such breathtaking Ukrainian and Russian females.

Their eyes, hair, and skin have mostly bright contrasts. Burning-black or chestnut hair is pretty typical for Slavic ladies. Though, there are numerous natural blondes and also red-haired ladies. Their eyebrows are black, and along with that, they usually have light skin and stunning hazel, blue, or green eyes. Go and see for yourself on Rondevo and you want to meet one of these beauties.

Eastern-European ladies appeal to people of different nations and ethnicities. And that is because they are very ethnically diverse. As we know, mixed-race people are perceived as more attractive because instinctively and subconsciously, we understand that crossbred offspring can potentially have greater genetic fitness than pure-breds. Crossbreeds descended from a larger group of ancestors and have a greater genetic memory, which makes them more immune to infections and diseases. Such individuals are often subconsciously perceived by others as more preferable when forming a couple.

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High Self Maintenance

For Slavic girls, the external beauty, including pretty makeup, hair, slim body, and fashionable outfit, come before anything else. It is the most profound value for females from post-USSR countries. Russian and Ukrainian women always take care of their appearance starting from childhood. They learn how to put makeup on, to style their hair, to keep clothes proper, and to keep hygiene.

It is a part of everyday routine for Slavic women: to take care of their skin - to put creams, to put on makeup, to go for sport, to make manicure and pedicure, epilation and to dye their hair. Usually, the average beautiful woman in Russia and Ukraine does it regularly and spends approximately 10 hours per month for this. Moreover, the level of beauty services on offer in Eastern European countries is really different from those in Europe or America. If a Slavic woman doesn’t have enough money for a beauty salon manicure, she will do it at home or will keep her nails natural and clean. Often, being beautiful is just a matter of time, effort, and desire.

Beauty is a lot about effort. Any physically healthy woman, with pretty features, can be attractive if she puts her mind to it and is willing to suffer a bit for it. As we see in the photos of Slavic girls on Rondevo, they tend to exercise, follow a healthy diet, spend money on beauty procedures and take the time to dress up before going out.


Demography is one of the reasons why Slavs are so breathtaking and sexy. Women can’t simply "survive" in this tough competition, where there are more women than men. But luckily, Ukrainian and Russian ladies do not mind meeting men from other countries on Rondevo.

There is also the theory that because there were many more women than men after the Second World War, less attractive women remained single and didn't have children because the men chose the most beautiful women.


Intellectual ability is generally considered one of the key factors of human attractiveness, which we actually call beauty. In this respect, Eastern Europe ranks among the world leaders. For example, Russia was among the first countries in history to introduce education for women.

Nowadays, most women from Eastern European countries have higher education. Also, women occupy a significant place in Slavic science. In some branches of science, like social sciences, medicine, and humanitarian sciences, they even dominate. Women also have a decisive majority in natural sciences, like chemistry, biology, and psychology. Smart girls are beautiful! Start a conversation with one of the girls on Rondevo and you will see it on your own!


The reason why Slavic ladies feel the need to have a partner is because having a a boyfriend or a husband is a badge of honor. It shows to other people that a woman is pretty, kind, housewifely to have a life-partner. Instead, a single woman has lower social status in these countries.

There are beautiful women in any country, however, it is true that generally women in Eastern Europe are very slim as well as stunning. Any man who has actually been to Ukraine or Russia will definitely validate this. The truth is there are a considerably higher number of beautiful women in Slavic countries compared to the majority of other ones all over the world!

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