Who Do Men Choose in 2020: Brunettes or Blondes?


03 Oct 2020

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A lot of men consider hair color important when choosing a partner for life. For somebody, it may seem immature and even discriminating. Nevertheless, natural blondes and brunettes have specific traits because of their historical background and nationality. There are easy-going Ukrainian ladies, family-oriented Russian women, charming Asians, and charismatic Latinas. You can meet them on Rondevo and start a real meaningful romance.

How Do Color Preferences Come About?

It depends on the number of brunettes or blondes among some nationalities. If for instance, there are more brunettes, women want to stand out and be blondes. In general, blond hair is rarer in many societies and it generates strong interest and desire to own. If your hair is naturally fair, you'll be incredibly popular among the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean men.

Do Guys Prefer Blondes or Brunettes Nowadays?

More men find fair-haired women more easy-going in relationships while dark-haired females - more family-oriented. So it looks like men are still attracted to blondes. They think that blonde beauties are:

  • Healthier as they have porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and moreover they are generally thin. All in all, they look like dolls from childhood.
  • Look younger. Their pale skin combined with light-colored eyes makes them look younger and even childish. More men find fair-haired women more easy-going in relationships while dark-haired females - more family-oriented. So it looks like men are still attracted to blondes. They think that blonde beauties are:
  • Light-hearted. They tend to be very communicative and easy to get in contact with. They are usually kind. Most of them smile a lot and trust people.

Unfortunately, blondes still suffer from unreasonable judgments and stereotypes in society. They are considered dumb and with loose morals. It has no scientific explanation, but this opinion exists in male society. Nevertheless, misconceptions like these are highly controversial.

The main thing is that men have nothing against dark-haired women. Moreover, men looking for a life partner pay attention to brunettes as these ladies are intuitively considered ready to build up a family.

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Characteristic Traits of Blondes

Here is what you need to know about the most popular things that men who have experienced relationships with different women say about fair-haired females:

  • They seem reproductive and youthful to men.
  • They think that blondes have no idea how to express their point of view and be reasonable in a conversation.
  • Blondes are often considered irresponsible in relationships, which is why most men find it irrational to have a long love affair with them.
  • It's a classic embodiment of beauty actively promoted by the media for decades.

Brunettes Character Traits

In the modern world, men who want to settle down and develop a meaningful romance mostly prefer the owners of dark locks. Choosing between blonde or brunette ladies, a family-oriented man will pick the second variant. Those who seek a short romance will prefer the first. These statements are subjective and totally judgmental, but this questionable misconception exists.

Of course, mutual chemistry depends on a number of things, and it cannot be defined by the color of the hair, shape, and other characteristics. When you are chatting with the girl online, the looks play not the first role.

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Actually, the choice between brunettes or blondes is a question associated not only with appearance. There's something about our background and vision of the world that makes us pay attention to the attractiveness of women. Beautiful brunettes are not less attractive. Besides, we are all different, and each of us has their own peculiarities.

In short, men are fond of both fair hair and dark hair girls. Because of the historically established misconceptions and stereotypes males started to make their life choices relying on these standards. Nevertheless, the question of whom men prefer remains open. Who do you love more, blondes or brunettes? Visit Rondevo and check how many beautiful blondes and brunettes are there! Start your romantic story today!

Foreverloveonline Team

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