What Is the Best Website or App for Seeking Slavic Women?


11 Oct 2020

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If you are a single guy from the Western world and you have always wanted to get acquainted with a Ukrainian or Russian girl, where will you turn first? Of course, to the Internet! But with so many venues to meet people online these days (and their number is growing all the time) it can be hard to sort out the good from the bad. While some sites aim to help people from all over the world find each other, other ones are designed just to get your information or claim to be one thing when they are something else.

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Some (and there are a lot of them too) offer to introduce you to the Ukrainian and Russian lady. There are sites for serious relationships, and there are for fleeting sex adventures. Some of them offer a number of paid features, while others position themselves as free. In this variety is easy to get confused. Here are some tips to help you distinguish quality platforms from bad ones.

Determine Your Goal

First of all, when choosing a suitable venue, determine your goals and expectations. If you’re actively looking for a serious love relationship with a Slavic lady, you should not stick on a variety of free platforms. It's not like you have no chance of meeting a partner there. But your chances of becoming a victim of scammers are also high. After all, a free website usually lacks funds for security and thorough verification of member profiles. In turn, websites/apps paying more attention to security and monitoring of girls' profiles, such as Rondevo, have to offer paid services in order to pay salaries to a team of programmers and system engineers.


If you are new to meeting people online, first of all, take a really good look at the website/app design. The higher the quality the more likely that the site is legitimate. This isn’t an absolute way to distinguish the scams from the real sites but it is one of the first and easiest things to pay attention to. Look for high-quality pictures, no annoying pop-up ads, and a design that allows you to get around the website without much effort. The website shouldn’t look like it came out of a teenagers’ garage project or from 2000, but instead, on a par with the sites you see constantly - professional and high quality.


Choose a site that prioritizes the safety of member profiles and the careful Slavic girls profiles' selection and verification in their work. That is, you can safely and for free register on Rondevo and then you will have a number of options (some of them are paid, but you can vouch for the quality) such as advanced search tools, convenient instant chat, etc.

Trustworthy websites offer a free verification service so that you can rest assured contacting validated members as their identity is verified. Also, the site team usually bans anyone who violates the Terms of Use. As to your billing information, credible sites protect it by using an SSL encrypted payment system.


How much time and money you are ready to invest in online communication with Slavic ladies directly relates to a network you should choose. Seeking a long-term relationship can mean putting in the time to answer multiple survey questions and thoroughly fill out your profile. It can also mean spending some money on a membership for the site or advanced communication features.

If you are not sure how serious you want your online dating relationships to be, try a free dating site first to test the waters. Low investment sites are still great places to meet more people than you might offline.

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Desktop or Mobile App

Some sites for looking for relationships offer a mobile app for the convenience of its users. For instance, Rondevo offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. It has the same functionality as a desktop version, you can use an advance search to look for your dream Slavic lady, visit profiles, view photos and watch videos women have downloaded, chat with them, send and receive photos, send women both virtual and real gifts, exchange contacts and set up dates with those who attract you, and many more. So, it’s up to you to use a mobile app or computer to get acquainted with girls from Ukraine and Russia.

You can also surprise your beloved with short messages on Rondevo enriched with some original and nice words expressing your interest or your strong feelings toward her. When you meet, don’t forget to open a door for her and pull out a chair. Be sure, your efforts would be appreciated by these romantic girls.

All in all, the key to choosing a platform that best suits you is determining what you want out of the experience. A fun night out a few times a month or a lifetime commitment? It is important to figure out what it is you value in a partner and to choose a dating site accordingly.

If you want to meet a beautiful Slavic woman, we suggest choosing Rondevo. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If one site doesn’t work for you, don’t settle. Move on to something that fits your lifestyle and meets your standards. Aim to find the one that is as compatible with you as you want your special someone to be.

Foreverloveonline Team

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