Useful Tips for Happy Relationships With Slavic Women


25 Sep 2020

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Useful Tips for Happy Relationships With Slavic Women

Whether you are just dreaming of meeting a Slavic lady, or you have already met one on Rondevo, it will be useful to learn how to keep her and maintain a happy relationship in the long term. Now in this article, you will know how!

The ladies from Eastern Europe, in general, are known for being devoted and loving partners. It wouldn’t even be a surprise if you, meeting your significant other on Rondevo, ended up wanting to marry her! Thus, if you are genuinely interested in establishing a meaningful relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian lady, here are some basic dating tips for you to consider.

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Real Gentleman

Women like it when men treat them nicely. Ever since childhood, girls have been reading love novels about princes and their ladies meeting each other and living happily ever after. Gentlemanly gestures have always been and will always be trendy. This is what can win the heart of your lady. If you want to start relationships with a Slavic girl, then it’s better to be truly romantic to embrace their sweet and feminine tendencies. This is easier to do that you may suggest. Send her romantic messages, open the door for her, pull her chair at the dining table, carry her heavy bag. All this won’t be left unnoticed by your lady.

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Sense of Humor

Your sense of humor plays a major role when you want to win a Slavic woman’s heart. For a Russian or Ukrainian girl, a good sense of humor is exactly what makes an ordinary guy stand out. However, you need to be cautious. Russian/Ukrainian humor is mainly based on irony, so it is important to joke wisely in order for your words not to be turned off by vulgar comments.

Possibility to Rely On

Slavic girls look for partners whom they can always rely on, especially in difficult situations. The things that matter for a Russian or Ukrainian woman are the coziness in the house, financial stability, the possibility to rely on a man when tough times come, etc. If a woman sees that you are hard-working and can support her whatever happens, then chances are you will win her heart and be able to keep the relationship afloat.


Ladies do not like dealing with illiterate men. Like any woman, Slavic girls like when guys are smart. You shouldn’t be a math guru to win a woman’s heart. It is enough to keep abreast of the current news, be aware of the latest innovations, and have the basic knowledge of literature and other things that girls enjoy. Such knowledge will help you in communication. It will also help you impress your lady when you only start getting to know each other better online on Rondevo, as well as this will also help you later on when your relationships keep developing further.


It is not rocket science, but it is amazing how far a genuine compliment can get you. Like all women, Slavic women like to be romanced and a genuine compliment is a great place to start. It is pleasant for a lady to know that someone admires her. It is essential to speak about the traits of a Slavic woman’s character and appearance that you like. It is also important to let her know that you notice her new hairstyle or earrings, which will emphasize that you are attentive and interested in everything related to your lady.

Communication and Spending Time Together

Maintaining good communication with each other is one of the best ways to have a healthy relationship. You can ask how her day went and listen to what she has to say when she is feeling sad. Whenever you are free, make sure you spend some quality time with your loved one. Use the time to have fun, recreational activities, watching movies together, or even hike with other friends. Trying out new recipes in the kitchen together is also an awesome activity when done together.

You can either plan on taking her out to a nice restaurant or spend a romantic evening together at home. You can also come up with other romantic gestures such as cooking her favorite meal, getting her favorite drink, watching her favorite movie with her, going to her preferred restaurant together, and so on. If you have just met on Rondevo and didn’t have a real-life date, send your girlfriend romantic messages to show that you are constantly thinking about her, or propose to have video-calls more often. Whatever you do, whether it is romantic or not, so long as you spend time with her, it is a good way to show her how much you love her company.

Respect and Care

Women from Eastern European countries want their men to show respect towards them and to give them constant attention. They hate being treated as just sex objects and often end relationships where nothing but the physical bonding matters. Only a kind and attentive man may be lucky to win a woman's heart. Mutual help, especially when it is the darkest of times, and the ability to rely on someone are their main values in a relationship. Don’t take your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend for granted. Have your woman as your fist priority. Support her whenever she needs your support.

Treat Her Family as If They Are Your Own

Because Slavic women maintain close relationships with their family, it would mean so much to them if you respected their relatives. If you have already moved from the stage of correspondence on Rondevo to the stage where she has introduced you to her family, always treat them with love and respect, the same way you treat her. This will definitely earn you her love and support, as it also shows a good character that they are looking for in a loving and faithful partner.

Simply love her in her best and worst moments. You can show her this in the simplest of ways. Treat her in a manner you cherish a lifelong partner and just be there for her whenever she needs you. What matters is that she knows she can count on you. Our biggest tip we can give you for happy relationships wit Slavic women is to be yourself.

Foreverloveonline Team

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