10 Ideas for a Romantic Getaway


28 Aug 2020

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10 Ideas for a Romantic Getaway

On a number of occasions, a lot of couples find themselves in a situation when it is necessary to bring some excitement into the relationship. Either that would be at the very beginning of your relationship, after you just met in the University, in the restaurant, or on the dating site, or at a more mature stage of your union when you simply need to spice things up a little bit and bring the romantic side of your relationship back to life. No matter which category you belong to, a romantic getaway is always a good idea. Moreover, if you turn it into a surprise, it will also be a very nice grand gesture to treat your significant other.

Of course, it is great to come up with a unique idea that would be special for your particular relationship and have some symbolic meaning for you and your partner. However, it does not mean that a romantic getaway gets any worse due to being a little bit more mainstream. After all, the places where people meet: on the street, in the club, on the dating site are also quite common, but each experience is unique!

In fact, there virtually is not a way to mess things up when you are trying to come up with a good destination. Yet, if your pool of ideas is somewhat scarce, here are the top 10 great ideas for a romantic getaway that your partner will love!


Go Stargazing

Planning a romantic getaway is not always expensive since it is the effort and the thoughts put into it that matter. Therefore, you can do it the old-fashioned way and ask you boo out for a date night. Make it a special one, though! Prepare some candles, some nice wine, and go on a picnic by the lake. Or, basically, any remote location where the city lights would not make the starry sky impossible to see. We bet that a lot of women dream about such a romantic night, especially the ones that spend time on dating sites, as there are a lot of romantic attributes.

Alternatively, if you have access to any of the rooftops in your local area, it can be extra romantic to spend an evening there, watching how the city transcends into the darkness. Just do not forget a couple of cozy blankets. It can get pretty chilly at night!


Paris, Enough Said

Paris, the most romantic city in the whole world! There is not a better place to manifest your love for somebody since the city itself is filled with love and magic. Just imagine: the two of you, a bottle of good red wine, fancy cheeses and the lights of the Eiffel Tower blinking to the lounge music.



Since we have already mentioned France, there is yet another place in this marvelous country that can be a great romantic getaway destination. No matter how old you are, Disneyland is always a great idea. This place is filled with magic and childhood serenity, and the two of you will definitely have fun together walking around the castles, taking rides on roller-coasters, and seeing all your favorite childhood cartoon characters. Even if you already saw a pic of your boo in Disneyland on her dating site profile, it's worth going there once again and recreating this experience together!


a Trip to an Exotic Place

A beach trip can be quite refreshing, too! There are so many beautiful places in the world that are equally as mesmerizing as they are secluded. Bali, the Maldives, many other islands washed by turquoise waters of the ocean. Going to a place like that feels as if the two of you are the only people in the world — an experience like that is relaxing, intimate and incredibly romantic! Plus, a variety of delicious fruit that the island locations can boast will be a great addition to your trip.


The Place Where the Two of You First Met

This one will be particularly romantic and show your partner that you appreciate them and your history together. For someone who is a bit older, it could be the library where the two of you were spending nights on getting that college assignment done. And for the younger couples that met online, for example, on one of the sites such as Jol***, you can go to that café you grabbed your first coffee at.


Book an Adults-Only Hotel

Adults-only hotels are a great way to spend a weekend filled with joy, intimacy and a lot of bonding. You will be surrounded by likeminded people and spared of the annoyance children can bring.


Go on a Cruise

What can be better than a luxurious trip on a pompous yacht? Titanic is considered to be one of the most romantic movies for a reason, and by arranging a getaway like that, you can score a lot of points AND recreate the famous Jack and Rose scene. Just try to stay safe, and not to follow the plot of Titanic fully.


A Spa Day

Nothing can be more romantic than spending a day dedicated to just the two of you and your bodies. Treat yourself to a nice and relaxing day at a spa that will not only be great for your muscles but for your relationship, too. Receiving good emotions together is the basis of creating even stronger bonds, and a good massage can release a lot of dopamine.


Go Camping Together

While this option is a bit more niche, since not all of us love going into the mountains with minimum amenities and a huge backpack behind us, it might be a great idea for some! Uniting with nature is truly romantic, and can be a good way to spend some time together. Moreover, camping brings the so desperately needed privacy, as you are extremely unlikely to be disturbed in the forest or by the river.

Moreover, there is just something special about this whole thing — cooking dinner in the field, bonfires, watching the sunset. Yum!


Stay in Some Fancy Place in Your City

At last but not at least, you can be the tourists in your own city. Book a place at some fancy part of your local city and pretend to be someone else. Just keep it playful and exciting, and have all the time to yourself! Go crazy, and after that, go home!

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