7 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating


03 Sep 2020

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7 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Without a doubt, relationships can often be rather hard. When you just met at some party or on a dating site, it seems that your feelings will always be so strong. However, what starts off as a great union of two hearts, can prove to be rather complicated as time goes. In a lot of cases, such struggles are just a sign of normal development of the relationship and simply signify that it is ready to go to the next level either that would be getting married or moving in together. Those are easy to solve and quite straightforward to overcome, granted the partners stay loyal to each other.

However, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some people cannot deal with the situation and cheat on their significant others. And it is lucky if they come clean and admit their wrongdoings. Sometimes, they are hiding their infidelity and keep pretending like everything is fine. Nevertheless, this is rather difficult to pull off as after you have spent some time with each other, it becomes evident that something is not quite right. If your girlfriend is cheating on you, you will undoubtedly notice it. It might not be obvious, but these changes will show in small details, and accumulation of which will notify you that, sadly, your partner might not be treating your relationships as an exclusive one.

Here are the most common signs of cheating:


She Is Always on Her Phone

Of course, it may sound like jumping to conclusions since, in the modern world, people are basically inseparable with their phones. While on itself, this sign might be a bit far-stretched, in combination with the rest of the points on the list, it can be the first red flag.

Try to see whether your girlfriend is receiving a suspicious amount of texts or even night calls, although before she had never been this popular. This could be a sign of a new person in her life. Try to remember those first moments when you are trying to get to know someone better, and are so invested in your online conversation, and you cannot put your phone down.

Apart from that, if she needs to reply to the notifications on her phone asap, it could also mean that she is cheating. Of course, there is room for suggesting that she just has some urgent work-related business or one of her girlfriends need a break-up related comforting advice at that very moment, but you would know about things like that would not you? If your girlfriend keeps sprinting to her phone as soon as she hears a beep without explaining who is texting her so often or even briefly outlining the situation, she is probably hiding something.

Listen to the tune of notification. Often, notifications from the dating platforms have a distinct notification sound.


She Becomes Very Private

In fact, she quite literally never leaves her phone unattended. Maybe, she changed the password and would not let you take her device into your hands even when showing you a cute video or a funny meme. Or maybe she would cover the screen of her phone when texting someone or even leave to another room to talk. All of that is a bit suspicious. And if you suddenly noticed that she is chatting with someone on dating site it is a sure sign of her cheating, or at least hiding some information from you.

Apart from that, she frequently becomes very defensive about her privacy and would not share any updates on her life. If you ask her where she went to, she will give only a vague answer without going into too many details.


She Is Suspicious About Your Whereabouts and Overly Jealous

On the other hand, however, it is likely she will be overly aggressive with suspecting you of cheating on some dating site. Possibly, being too invested in your life, interested in your exact whereabouts and plans. After all, the best defense is attacking first.


She Is Not Interested in Spending Time with You

It is understandable that after you find someone new, the old person becomes less and less interesting to spend time with, and you are trying to cut the time spent together to the bare minimum. Remember the times you just found a new girl on a dating site and quit your friends' gatherings for a while! That's how it works, but your girlfriend will not go back to you after all. Therefore, if the two of you do not hang out as much as you used to, it could be a bell!

Besides, if she is in a constant need of yet another ‘Girls Night Out’ that could be a bad sign, too, even if that is not a cover-up for a secret date with a guy she is cheating on you with, it could be a sign of her being bored of your company.


She Avoids Physical Intimacy

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. Often, when there is a case of infidelity, the sex drive of your partner suddenly goes down, and she is not willing to get frisky in the bedroom.

Moreover, try to observe and notice whether she leans in for a kiss, or rather avoids touching you.


All of a Sudden She Changed Her Style

While it is not necessarily a sign of infidelity, it could as well be one! If you have been together for quite a while and she has gotten comfortable enough to be wearing an oversized t-shirt and some old panties around you, but all of a sudden has invested into a large amount of sexy lingerie. That does not look good. The chances are that she is aimed at seducing someone else.


She Is Deliberately Looking for Reasons to Start a Fight

Often, if you have cheated on your significant other, you feel guilty, but try to suppress the guilt in order to keep it a secret. That is, however, extremely frustrating and can result in unreasonable aggression towards your partner. In a number of cases, girlfriends that are cheating on their men tend to argue more with them, picking on them on any given occasion.

It is possible to deal with a case of infidelity if your feelings are strong and genuine. However, it is incredibly difficult to repair trust. So if you, sadly, realize your partner is not loyal, you might better off call it quits and look into seeing someone else. A good way to start would be going on Jol*** to see singles around you.

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