7 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas


02 Sep 2020

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7 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

After you spend some time together as a couple in a relationship, you become used to each other and it becomes less intriguing and thrilling. Therefore, in order to remind yourself about your real feelings and bring the romance back to your relationship, you need to celebrate it and mark all the important milestones of your shared path!

Of course, it is equally as important to appreciate every single day spent with each other and often surprise your significant other with unexpected gifts and nice gestures. However, for your anniversaries, you need to have something special planned.

It is great if you know exactly what your partner wants, and have discussed it between the two of you, so everyone is on the same page about what kind of things are expected to be gifted and received. Nevertheless, if you have not, it is still not a problem. In fact, here are some of the best anniversary gift ideas that your significant other will absolutely love!


Plan a Romantic Getaway Together

What can be more romantic than a trip to some nice place together? Depending on the relationship the two of you have, and a lot of other variables that can affect the outcome, it is up to you to decide about the destination of the getaway — it could be as remote and fancy or as close and humble as you want.

If you met on the dating site, its team can help you to organize a real-life meeting! Jol*** enables you to request a real date so you could take your relationship to the next level. It is organized by its local partners in the native countries of the ladies. The site’s team will help you to find the proper flight, accommodation, and the most important - a place for your first date!

The main idea is to give the two of you some romantic alone time together that you, as a couple, could spend. Romantic getaways are all about your relationship, celebrating it and reviving all the pleasant emotions that the two of you create for each other on a daily basis.

But if you are together for a long time and know everything about your significant other, it is best if you, yourself, plan out the specifics of your vacation as opposed to picking a generic tour online. While the latter one could still be very nice and full of positive aspects, a tailored one that takes into consideration the preferences of both of you would hit differently!

Is there a place your significant other has always wanted to visit? Maybe your favorite band is performing in a nearby city soon? Have you been dreaming of a quiet and peaceful weekend at the spa alongside your beautiful partner? Options are limitless, just choose whatever feels right to you!

And the best part of romantic getaways (apart from the actual traveling itself) is that your partner can finally feel like a child without anything to worry. Plan ahead and let them be stress-free!



Another great gift is a piece of jewelry. It does not necessarily have to be something from a worldwide known expensive brand like Tiffany or Cartier (although it could be if you want it to and can afford a gift like that). In fact, it can be something cute and inexpensive from your local brands.

You can either get something nice that your significant other would love and that would fit their style, or you can customize it to be just right for the two of you. For instance, you can get a piece of jewelry with an engraving on it: your initials, a memorable date that means something for the two of you, or a quotation that is relevant to your relationship.

Alternatively, you can get your significant other a locket with your couple photo inside of it. Those are incredibly cute and considerate.

An idea: if your relationship is at the stage of correspondence online, it would be great if you diversify your communication and choose some nice jewelry at the dating site’s online shop. Don’t worry about the delivery - the platform’s team will cover it. Show your love and appreciation with Jol***


Anniversary Photo Album

In fact, not all anniversary gifts have to be overly expensive. If you do not exactly have too much money to spare, do not worry, it is attention that really counts! Collect all the pictures you have taken together and arrange them in a timeline. Make an adorable scrapbook to reflect on your relationship and commemorate all the significant moments together. It would be extra cute to write some captions to the pictures as well as this would bring a sense of intimacy, too.


Personalized Photo Cake

It is really difficult to find people that would not love a bit of cake occasionally. And, of course, a cake is the symbol of any celebration. So why not take the old-fashioned way and surprise your partner with a sweet treat?

In order to make it special, however, order a personalized photo cake that would not only make a great cameo on your significant other’s Instagram but would also signify that the two of you are as sweet together as a cake! You can order the delivery right to her house if you know each other only from the dating site. She will appreciate it to the fullest!



Yet another sweet and somewhat outdated yet still extremely romantic gesture would be a blast from the past — a mixtape. Put some thought into your present and craft a very special message with the use of your significant other’s favorite song.

Or, what could be even better, record a song of your own! While it may sound ridiculous, it would be a cool gift even if your vocal abilities are not exactly top-notch. Remember, it is trying you best that really matters.

If you haven’t met in real life yet, it’s not a problem. You can collect the photos from your partner’s personal profile on the dating network, add some fragments of your correspondence and nice words.


An Actual Literal Star

Have you ever promised your partner a star? Well, your anniversary might be the perfect time to fulfill your promise and actually gift your significant other a literal star. After all, this is exactly how much they mean to you and how much they are worth — a whole lot!

While you cannot exactly purchase the Sun, there are plenty of stars in the sky, quite literally, that you can claim yours and officially name. And do not forget to make a wish on the star.


Personalized Map of the City

The best presents are the ones that you can make a lot of use out of, right? Therefore, it could be a good idea to surprise your partner with something practical that they can exploit in their regular day to day life, but what would remind them of you. A great example of a thing like that is a personalized city map. It can be argued that no one uses analog maps in the era of digitalization, but trust us on this one. It will be a pleasure to look at!

Mark the most prominent places for your relationship on the map so you would always remember your shared story.

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