Romantic love journey of Harry and Elena


29 Sep 2020

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Romantic love journey of Harry and Elena

Finding love in the modern high-tech world is pretty easy if you know where. Rondevo helps people from all over the world meet and chat with single Eastern European ladies and discover the world. Rondevo strives to be an excellent site in meeting all the social needs of its members, whether small talk in chats or deep long-distance romances.

Plenty of people have found success on such sites — and some have even found lifelong partners. We want to tell you one of such stories — a real love story of a beautiful couple Harry and Elena who met on Rondevo.

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Harry registered on Rondevo 3 years ago. At first, he thought that it was a crazy idea to look for love online. However, he came across Elena’s profile and was intrigued. She definitely seemed like a good match and they clicked on most points. On top of that, she was very beautiful! So, Harry sent her a message and their story began.

From that moment, they were spending all their free time chatting on the site. Having learned about the possibility of getting Elena's contact information through the site, Harry immediately did it and they switched to communication outside the website. From the moment Harry heard the lady’s voice, he felt something special. It was hard to explain, but there was the “spark” just by hearing her voice.

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On top of the video calls, they literally sent hundreds of emails during this three-month courtship. They both were looking forward to getting the love emails. As they said, spending these three months of talking was the best way to get to know each other. Since they could not be physically together, they were spending time actually in deep conversations about every topic imaginable. Actually, by that time, they got to know each other better than most couples do after many years of being together.

Once Harry had to come to Ukraine on work issues and he requested to meet Elena through Rondevo. The site helped him to organize the meeting. Although Harry and Elena had only one hour to spend together since Harry had a plane back home to Switzerland in an hour, they didn’t want to miss a chance to meet in person. The couple met for coffee, and in such a short period they already realized that they were made for each other.

In some months, Harry came to Ukraine one more time and they had a wonderful week together. Elena showed Harry Kyiv, they were visiting restaurants, walking in the parks and just talking for hours.

Since Elena did not know English well, sometimes it was difficult for them to communicate, Harry encouraged her to take English classes and paid for the courses. As we know, there are no barriers for love, the love language is universal. Although sometimes the lovers don’t speak the same language, it rarely becomes an obstacle for building relationships. Harry's native language is German but they continue to communicate in English.

In winter, Harry invited Elena to Switzerland for Christmas. Now the couple is traveling, discovering new countries, new places, having a good time together and enjoying each other’s company. Elena visited Vienna, Budapest, Tunisia and, of course, Switzerland for the first time - life opened up for her from a completely different side.

Elena and Harry are happy being together and are ready to become a family and live happily ever after. As we see, Rondevo helps people find love and happiness through meaningful connections. It has never been easier to find life partners than it is now. Rondevo provides you with all of the tools you need, from advice on our blog to specific search filters, so that you can create your story just the way you want it!

Foreverloveonline Team

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