How To Know If She Is The One


01 Sep 2020

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How To Know If She Is The One

According to the statistics, the average man has about ten to twelve girlfriends in his lifetime. However, it does not mean that you can only settle down for someone after you have experienced relationships with ten girls. If you used to meet girls on the dating sites, you may have relationships with even more ladies. In fact, all this time-consuming and often extremely laborious search is always aimed at finding the one that is just right for you. This is quite a difficult process that requires a lot of experience, wisdom, and patience: not only should you put a lot of effort into looking for a woman that you would feel comfortable being together with, but also have the strength to let her go if she turns out to be not the one.

There are a lot of beautiful legends and myths regarding the concept of people belonging to each other and for each other. Every single culture has one of its own. Yet, despite the origin of the story, all of them share the same idea: it is universally believed that any given person has a soulmate somewhere in the world, a person that would be a match made in heaven. And unless you find them, you will never be truly happy and content with anyone else!

However, what is this mystical ‘the one’ term? How are you supposed to know whether she is the one or is not? Especially, if you are meeting online, for example on Lov*** Usually, you just know straight away; it feels different; everything goes just as it should, everything is calm and peaceful. It is rather difficult to confuse this spark between you and the person that is suitable for you, yet if you do not think you are able to tell apart from real feelings and fake ones, you may want to look out for the following signs. The ideal woman will check all of the boxes!

She Is Your Best Friend

As simple as it is, this part is truly pivotal for identifying a partner that is right for you. It absolutely has to be present and apparent in your relationship. Without a doubt, it is great if the two of you click on the physical level and have amazing chemistry in bed. However, true love is not all about carnal instincts and is a much more complicated phenomenon.

This implies that the two of you should have a whole lot in common: common interests, shared values, and overall viewpoints in regard to the key issues. So please, try to pay attention not only to her photos, while browsing the profiles on the Lov*** It will save you a lot of time!

If you would much rather spend time with your actual friends, it means that maybe you are not as suitable for each other as you thing. In order to truly be ‘the one’, your girlfriend has to be the first person you think of whenever anything happens in your life. It is only natural to want to share all of your highest and lowest moments with her. After all, this is exactly what wedding vows ask you to manifest.

She Is Always There to Support You

In addition to the previous point, it is not enough for you to just like to spend time with her. You should also be confident that she will always stand by your side no matter what. Think of it as of the Bonnie and Clyde type of situation, which might sound a bit over-exaggerated, but true soulmates are really like that, true partners in crime — they stay loyal to each other under any circumstances.

The girl that is really worth your time will always have you back, and would not turn away from you. But if she keeps her profile open on the dating site after you two started a relationship beware. There are high chances that she will leave you for someone else anytime.

She Is Full of Surprises

No matter how long the two of you have known each other, if she is the one, your relationship will still be full of surprises and unpredictable in the most positive way possible! You will not be bored of being with her, and will always be thrilled and excited to see what will come next. This is the beauty of a relationship of someone that keeps you interested at all times. You want to stay by her side and cannot get enough of her.

Sometimes, it means that the two of you will have some minor arguments since it can often be too much. But passion and adventure are what propel the relationship further.

You Can Be Yourself Around Her

It is essential for you to be comfortable around her. You need to be able to be exactly who you are and not to be embarrassed about it. She needs to be your safe space, your home — the person whom you can spend your time without a mask on. You need to trust her enough to let her see your vulnerability and give her the power to be in charge of that.

If you feel like you cannot really let yourself be your true self, it means she is not the person to bother being with. If she does not feel you accepted, even unintentionally, let alone on purpose, it is not as a perfect match as the Lov*** told you.

She Inspires You to Be a Better Version of Yourself

While this may sound like a direct contradiction to the previous point, it is true! If she is the one, you will always want to better yourself, striving to become the best version of yourself. The two of you need to complement each other and make each other ameliorate your personalities.

You have to be excited to please her and make her proud, and you need to care about what she has to say.

You See Her as an Equal

It might be a part of being best friends, but it is so important that it deserves a separate point. Unfortunately, you cannot truly be happy with people that you do not see as equals. While being in a relationship with someone who looks up to you and praises you is, indeed, a huge ego booster, it is only a temporary solution that you would quickly get bored of.

If she is the one, on the other hand, she would be a perfect match for your abilities. She will be able to challenge you and bring the competition into your life as a couple. This is a part of the game that would enhance your time together, and result in mutual respect.

As, finally, respect for each other, unconditional and genuine is key!

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