How to Flirt Like a Pro


31 Aug 2020

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How to Flirt Like a Pro

For a lot of people, the art of flirting is still unknown — they understand the concept but merely can implement it into their behavioral patterns. However, it is a shame not to know how to flirt as flirting is a real magic tool that can help to get into likings of the person that you are flirting within no time. No matter where you’re planning to flirt - online on a dating site or in real life - here are the best tips on how to flirt like a pro!

Mirror the Person That You Are Trying to Flirt With

The first, most commonly known rule of psychology that a lot of people are aware of and use in their everyday lives in order to achieve certain results from communicating with others is mimicking back the gestures to the person you are talking to.

A lot of us do it subconsciously already since it is on the basis of effective communication and can be done intuitively — we try to emulate the behavior of the people we like. However, if you want to be a good flirt, you should become aware of this habit and start doing it deliberately.

Pick up small thinks about your partner — do they make a lot of active hand moves when they speak, is there a specific intonation that they use, or maybe their head is just a little bit tilted to the right? All of those details are very subtle, but together they characterize the person you are trying to flirt with. If you want them to like you, mirror those things back, and your partner will instantly be more interested in you. If for now, you communicate only on the dating site, try to repeat her manner of texting. Use more emojis, repeat the slang words she uses, try to write as long messages as she does. It will create sort of a bond between you two if you'll do it right.

Besides, do watch their body language and adjust your responses accordingly. While words are important and need to be listened to, there is not a thing more truthful than your body. Indeed, it is rather difficult to fake your body reaction, so you can use that as an orienteer.

Chances are, the person you are trying to flirt with knows about these tricks, too. So, by implementing these into your communication, you will easily show your interest in them. And even if the person is clueless about the real meaning of those gestures, they will still, instinctively, be drawn to you because of noticing those.

If you recently met each other on one of the dating platforms like East*** and do not have the opportunity to communicate in person, it’s no longer a problem! Nowadays, you can use various communication tools like a video chat or Skype to implement all these tricks like in real life.

Make Eye Contact

They say eyes are the window to the soul. And that is a hundred percent true! By simply establishing eye contact, you can tell your entire story without saying a single word. There are only so many looks you can give to the person you are trying to flirt with, with so many underlying implications intended by those looks! In fact, flirting in real life is all about communicating through them! But again, if you stuck on the East*** phase of your relationship, try to make eye contact using the video calls, as frequently as you can!

At the same time, however, while it is great to make eye contact with the interest of yours, you need to remember that it does not mean to stare at them blankly to the point when it becomes uncomfortable and awkward. Often, looking into each other’s eyes for way too long can creep people out, and make them question your sanity, especially if you do not proceed to the verbal conversation then.

Instead, when you want to flirt with someone, lock eyes with them for a slightly prolonged time, just a bit longer than normal to let them know you are interested in them, and then take your eyes away off them. That will instantly make them curious about you: what captured your gaze?

Be playful with this staring game, one step forward, two steps back. Eyes can say a lot.


There is nothing more warming than seeing a person smile genuinely. And if that smile is directed at you, you instantly become more appealed towards its owner.

Not only it is a logical continuation of the previous step, as you need to move forward with the person that attracted your intention, but it is also a great way to introduce yourself as an overall positive and energetic person. This is the type the majority of people find the most alluring.

Even a little smirk instead of a big smile can be intriguing enough to make the target of your flirting wonder whether it was aimed at them, and therefore make them think about you.

Give a Compliment

One of the basic rules of getting someone’s undivided attention is to stroke their ego. Give the person you are trying to flirt with a real compliment and flatter them, and — trust us — they will listen. There is nothing people love than themselves, and when this love is justified and acknowledged, they feel good.

However, it is best not to give any generic compliments that can be applied to anyone. Notice some small details that would tell the person you are flirting with that you have been studying them and paying close attention to either the way they look or the way they hold themselves.

And do not ever fake a compliment. It is easy to tell when someone is not genuine with what they say. But, really, do you even need to lie? After all, if you are interested in flirting with someone, there should be a reason for that, and definitely must be something that attracts you to that person.

This advice is even more important if you are limited to online communication on one of the dating services. In this case, giving compliments is a must.

Take Charge of the Conversation

If you want to flirt like a pro, it is vital to remember that you simply cannot be passive with your conversation. The worst way to appear an interesting person is through a dry conversation that is not going anywhere. This is relevant on every plane of your communication with people, but especially with those that you talk to over text.

For instance, this piece of advice will be particularly helpful for those who meet people online, on relevant sites and apps such as East*** that allows you to match with the people you fancy.

In order to show the person that you are genuinely interested in them, initiate the conversation, and take the lead. Direct it into that plane that is most important to you though asking questions and listening attentively to the replies to those.

Be a Proper Tease!

There cannot be anything more intimate and playful, and overall flirty than teasing playfully. Crack a joke about something goofy they did, or give them a funny nickname — that will definitely get their attention and start an elaborate ping-pong game of wits and sarcasm between the two of you. Spicy and fun!

Just remember that there is a fine line between playful teasing and straight-up offensive teasing, so make sure you know not to cross it.

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