Compliments That Slavic Women Want to Hear


29 Sep 2020

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As we know man falls in love through his eyes, while a woman through her ears. This rule works for women from any country. If you want to conquer the heart of a Slavic girl, start with complimenting her! Of course, you should do this in the right way: be creative, polite, and sincere. If you met your significant other on Rondevo and you live in different parts of the world, for a West man, it may be not so easy to understand the Slavic soul and pick appropriate words. That’s why we are here to help you with great compliments that will help you amaze ladies from Eastern European countries and express how much you are into her.

“You are the most splendid woman in the world!” or “You are the prettiest lady I’ve ever met”

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These phrases can easily impress every woman. Tell her compliments about how gorgeous she looks in this dress. Tell her that her beautiful face is the first thing that you want to see when you wake up. Impress her with compliments – that will raise her self-esteem. She might be aware that she is really pretty but when you tell that to her, it will make her feel special. The more comfortable she feels about herself, the more she wants to be by your side.

“I’m losing my mind when I look at you!” or “You blow my mind every single time I see you!”

This is a crucial complement for every Slavic lady. To get reasonable attention from a girl – tell her with the most common compliment! Don’t say just “I like your hair very much!”, or “Your eyes are so beautiful!”. These examples are too cliché. Try to be more inventive and use some metaphoric elements whilst paying compliments.

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“You look great in that dress” or “This haircut suits you”

When giving out compliments, pay attention to details. If there’s something new about her – new bag, dress, haircut, or new lipstick color – take advantage and compliment her on that. Remember, it is important for her to know that you are indeed paying attention. Telling her that her new hairstyle suits her means that you notice every bit when you’re together, even if you are communicating via video chat on Rondevo.

“Your smile makes my heart melt” or “Your smile is always a joy to look at”

If you have ever read any articles about Slavs, you probably know that “they never smile”. Of course, that is a mere exaggeration. Just keep in mind that Eastern European culture is different from the Western one. Here, people don’t tend to embrace any stranger they meet in the street – but it only means that they are just too sincere to demonstrate they love every random person around. Slavic girls adore smiling to people they appreciate and their smiles are truly charming. Say this particular compliment you after a joke (that is if she laughs, of course). Or, you could also say this when she flashes a smile.

All these compliments are fantastic but the truth is, you cannot charm a Slavic woman just by complimenting her on her looks. It takes more than that.

“Your intellect just turns me on!”

The beauty of Slavic women is known all over the world. By all means, this advantage gives them many benefits. On the other hand, some Western men think of these ladies as just of sexy dolls, which of course is a huge mistake. Ladies from Eastern Europe were always famous for being witty and smart. They always know how to solve various problematic situations. So it’s natural that you compliment not only female beauty but her cleverness as well.

“You cook better than anyone else!” or “You cook even better than my mum!”

Everybody knows that Slavic women are great housekeepers. From their mothers and grandmothers, these girls learn many household tricks. They know how to plan the family budget, how to decorate the house in a stylish way and know how to cook deliciously. Practically any woman from Russia and Ukraine has special recipes and is fond of culinary. So you can't go wrong with complimenting her culinary skills.

“I love your sense of humor!”

Even if you come from different countries, humor can unite you (just like Rondevo). Every nation has its conception of what is fun and what’s not yet there are always jokes that are clear to everyone. Also, when she tells you some funny things, be quick to react, and appreciate her inventiveness.

“You have a big heart”

Slavic women know that they are beautiful and instead of focusing on her appearance, try focusing on what you cannot see, like her personality or personal traits. Of course, you can’t just put it out there spontaneously. You’d have to have some conversations on Rondevo to get to know her better.

All in all, no matter you communicate online on Rondevo or moved to a new stage and meet in real life, the key to compliments is it has to be sincere. Be sincere, or, at least, try your best to make such an impression. If you are sincere, your compliments and your delivery of them will feel natural. It might take time before you can master the art of giving compliments but it will pay off. Just remember: do not overdo it, do not just blurt out compliments randomly, and avoid flattery.

Foreverloveonline Team

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